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Join us at PSRC 10 in 2022!

Kyoto, Japan
June 05-09,  2022
June 16-21,  2019

Conference Program

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the “9th Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry (PSRC-9)” to be held at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California. The Symposium will be held from the 16th to the 21st of June 2019.


The Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry represents an important platform for announcing and discussing advances in our understanding of the chemistry of free radicals. The Symposium, which runs every two years, is one of the three major international meetings on radical chemistry (the other two being the International Symposium on Organic Free Radicals and the EUCHEM Conference on Free Radical Chemistry). PSRC-9 in Pacific Grove will follow the highly successful PSRC-8 meeting that was held in Brisbane in 2017. Previous, equally successful, symposia have been held in Singapore (2015), Vancouver (2013), Shirahama (2011), Shanghai (2009), Heron Island (2007), Daejeon (2006), and Kanazawa (2003).


The symposium will cover all aspects of free radical chemistry and will bring together industrial and academic chemists from all over the world to report their latest discoveries in the fields of synthetic radical reactions, radical polymerizations, mechanistic insights into important radical reactions, new radical-based functional molecules and materials, as well as all aspects of radicals impacting in biology and medicine. The scientific program of PSRC-9 will include plenary lectures and invited lectures as well as poster sessions.


All participants of the conference will be staying together at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, in the town of Pacific Grove.  The conference grounds are located on 107 acres of the beautiful and scenic shorelines of the Asilomar State Beach, just south of the major bay area cities of San Francisco and San Jose. Monterey Bay Area’s cool-summer Mediterranean climate creates an ideal location for a Summer conference, as such, excursions will be included as part of the meeting.


As a further advantage, the symposium has been scheduled to run immediately before the 46th National Organic Symposium, the premier event sponsored by the Division of Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. This major conference will be held in Bloomington, Indiana from the 23rd to the 27th of June 2019 (


Corey Stephenson, University of Michigan

Conference Chair
Pacific Grove 2019


Shunsuke Chiba, Nanyang Technological University 

Conference Vice Chair
Pacific Grove 2019

*Schedule subject to change

Click here for poster instructions

Conference Program


Plenary Lectures

Invited Speakers


Prof. Steve Bottle - Queensland University of Technology


Prof. Munetaka Akita - Tokyo Institute of Technology

Prof. Atsushi Goto - Nanyang Technological University

Prof. Chaozhong Li - Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

Prof. Guosheng Liu - Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

Prof. Xin-Yuan Liu - Southern University of Science and Technology

Prof. Ilhyong Ryu - Osaka Prefecture University

Prof. Eiji Shirakawa - Kwansei Gakuin University

Prof. Qian Zhang - Northeast Normal University


Prof. Ullrich Jahn - Czech Academy of Sciences

Prof. Emmanuel Lacote - University of Lyon

Prof. David Procter - University of Manchester

Prof. Philippe Renaud - University of Bern

Prof. Franziska Schoenebeck - RWTH Aachen

Prof. Armido Studer - Munster University

Prof. Samir Zard - Laboratoire de Synthese Organique


Prof. Rob Britton - Simon Fraser University

Prof. Squire Booker - Penn State University

Prof. Gonzalo Cosa - McGill University

Prof. Brett Fors - Cornell University

Prof. Robert Flowers - Lehigh University

Prof. Rob Knowles - Princeton University

Prof. Kevin Moeller - Washington University in St. Louis

Prof. David Nicewicz - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Prof. Derek Pratt - University of Ottawa

Prof. Tom Rovis - Columbia University

Prof. Shannon Stahl - The University of Wisconsin - Madison

Prof. Tehshik Yoon - The University of Wisconsin - Madison

Young Investigators

Prof. Hongli Bao - FJIRSM (Fujian)

Prof. Takashi Koike - Tokyo Institute of Technology

Prof. Tetsuro Kusamoto - Institute for Molecular Science

Prof. Takashi Nishikata - Yamaguchi University

Prof. Jie Wu - National University of Singapore

Prof. Han Sen Soo - Nanyang Technological University

Prof. Zhiwei Zuo - Shanghai Tech University


Prof. Julie Broggi - Aix-Marseille Universite

Prof. Daniele Leonori - University of Manchester


Prof. Jennifer Bridwell-Rabb - University of Michigan

Prof. Todd Hyster - Princeton University

Prof. Nate Jui - Emory University

Prof. Frank Leibfarth - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Prof. Song Lin - Cornell University

Prof. David Nagib - The Ohio State University

Prof. Jennifer Roizen - Duke University

Prof. Valerie Schmidt - University of California, San Diego

Prof. Jennifer Stockdill - Wayne State University

Industrial Speakers


Dr. Dan Lehnherr - Merck

Dr. Joe Tucker - Pfizer

Dr. Kaid Harper - AbbVie

Mr. Yoichi Arimoto - Nippon Shobukai


Note: Several poster abstracts will be selected to provide short (10 min) talks.

Radical Tutorials


As a part of the 9th Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry, a tutorial focused on the fundamentals of radical reactions will be provided. The tutorial will feature a series of lectures on Electrochemistry, Photocatalysis, Reaction Mechanisms, and Synthetic Radical Chemistry.

Short Course
Asilomar Conference Grounds

The symposium will be held at the beautiful and historic Asilomar Hotel and Conference Grounds. Located in Pacific Grove, California. Asilomar offers a secluded retreat environment a short drive south of the major airports in the Bay Area. For more information regarding the facility, please see the Asilomar website.

Per person rates: 


Single - $287.23 per night


Double - $192.27 per night


Quad* - $150.31 per night


INCLUSIVE WITH THE LODGING RATES - Meals inclusive begins with dinner on arrival day and ends with lunch on departure day.

- Rates will be adjusted based on the number of people occupying the room per night

*An access code for quad occupancy rooms will be made available to student and postdoc participants upon the completion of conference registration.  

To be included in the conference room block and receive conference pricing, please use the link above to book accommodations.

If you are going to rent a car, please consider reserving your rental cars in advance as there may be limited availability in the Monterey Bay area. For travel information, please see the Asilomar website or Monterey Airbus for a shuttle service. International applicants may require a visa prior to arriving, for more information please see the US State Department website. If you require a letter of invitation, please contact us (psrc2019 "at" and include your name, address, and presentation title.

ADDITIONAL GUESTS - Additional adult guests cost $97.32 per night. Additional youth (3-12 years) guests cost $69.23 per night. 

ADDITIONAL FEE - $20 Processing Fee per person

PAYMENTS FROM GUESTS - The total value of the reservation will be charged within 24 hours of booking

CANCELLATION POLICY - $100 per person will be deducted from all refunds to cover the cost of processing and handling for cancellations received by May 15, 2019. Regrettably, no refunds can be made for cancellations received on or after May 16, 2019.


Registration Now Open!

Registration for the 9th Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry is now open. Conference registration fees include Sunday evening welcome bonfire,  conference dinner, poster session refreshments, and coffee break refreshments. Other meals during the conference are included in the price of nightly accommodations when your stay is booked through the conference room block. To receive conference pricing and meals, your stay can be booked here, or through the link on the accommodations page. 

Early (Before April 1)
Regular (April 2 to May 15)
Late (After May 15)
Students and Post Docs

Poster abstract submissions are separate from registration. To submit an abstract click here.


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